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Apr 26, 2019
Rochester Hills, Michigan
Looking for camp ground recordation's near sand hollow.
Our rigs are around 55' long (we do not want to brake apart).
Last time we stayed at a KOH and it just SUCK a_ _ bad all around.
We are going to to try and stay at the park. But we know know how hard it is to get a camp spot there. So looking for back up camp grounds.


eternal noobie
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Oct 12, 2010
Toquerville UT
IMO, just Google campgrounds close to the state park and see what comes up. There are a couple new ones that have opened in recent months, and at least one under construction. No clue what their length setups are. None are adjacent to the park (there is a new Glampers Camp being built just N of the park, but unsure on their opening date....and I bet it will be pricey)

Us locals don't need to camp ;) (tho, if we do, it's always at the State Park...and getting that key reservation 6 months in advance....which is why I haven't don't it for a couple years)
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