Cyber Monday -- Freedom For Sale?

Big Sale Today Only -- the American Dream

Are your freedoms being bought?

By Del Albright

This is not about the "sky is falling" or some presumptuous opinion I might have about how our government and economy works. This is about some facts that will scare you and make you wonder just how much our freedoms are at stake, every day.

Your FREEDOM is for SALE!

RANGE Magazine is a fact-filled, well researched publication that I read from cover to cover every issue. And the Winter Issue (on sale now) just slapped me upside the head -- again. I'm reminded of an article I did many years ago called "The Vicious Green Circle" ( wherein I tied things together like The Wildlands Project, Wilderness Study Areas, Buffer Zones, Clean this and that Acts by Congress, Landscape Level Planning, ecosystem management, sound buffers, and on and on. RANGE just tied it all together even MORE!

This Winter issue explains and documents how enviro/eco groups are funded, so closely bound at the hips that you can hardly tell one from the other, in a great article by Dave Skinner titled, "Identify Your Enemies." Then Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D, gives us the low-down on how rich left-wingers control the U.S. environmental policy in his piece called "Green Billionaires." You can't imagine the terror these articles inflict on red-blooded, patriotic Americans like us.

If you love America and the freedoms we enjoy, you HAVE to get this magazine and read these articles. The way the basically, same big money supports all these "green" groups and their causes, through grant funding and interwoven boards of directors and funding sources, will shock you to the roots.

You will recognize many of the "false fronts" and "front men" in the enviro/eco world that always seem so well funded and covered in the media, usually trying to close our roads or lock up our freedoms in some way. Do you remember Tellico and Trout Unlimited (TU)? Wait until you see the source of much of their funding and philosophy. And wait until you see how just a few big rich funding sources grant money to a slug of pseudo-legitimate groups all dedicated to the same goals -- buying your freedoms and closing this country up to all but their own agenda.

I know there is a lot going on in this world, and we all have a list of priorities; but I stand against this and I will fight to oppose the taking of my freedoms and the locking up of my country to an elite few.
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