Hello All!!!

Josh at BaerTrax

Spotter Required
Apr 15, 2011
Dallas Texas
Hello. My name is Josh Bertschy. I own BaerTrax off-road shop in Dallas.

I thought I would drop in and introduce myself, invite you to come see my new shop and invite you all to come to my All Yall Crawl Event in Katemcy May 14th and 15th...

Here at the shop we do your normal nuts and bolts 4x4 work, lots a gear and axle work, and full on fab. I know the (fab is a trend) but we do more than just cut and grind. We do advanced tube work, machine work (lathe, mill, shear, press break) and more. We do all kinds of small mild stuff to some really nice big full on fab stuff.

I just revamped my website and some of thats not finished but will me soon. I offer a good range of products and we now have a small glass front show room...

If I havent met you before, wheeled with you I look forward to it and if your in the area your welcome to stop by. We are a very friendly shop!

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