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Just wanted to introduce my self My friends call me RB, I like to wheel/ Rock crawl. I don't like to break or bash sh*t but I don't shy away from the hard lines.

I have been building/wheeling my 94 FZJ 80 fore 5 years now. I got it bone stock and built it up to what it is today. It's a street legal trail Reg

I have been around 4x4 most of my life, Got my first 4x4 in Hi school it was in 1975 and it was a 1958 willys wagon that I put a 283 small block into. it was my first and last Jeep. Next up was a 1978 ford F250 that I put a 4" lift, 36s and front and rear Smittybilt bumpers on. back in the day that was considered a built Reg Ha ha.

There have been meany more fords from early Broncos to built out 4x4 Vans on tons and 36s that I used to explore Baja Cailf. in my Surfing days.

Now I am a pretty hard core Toyota Guy ;)


Spotter Required
There 39/12.50/ 17s
I had my concerns, but about 10 hard runs on them now with out issue. Axles have just about everything you can do to fortify them including RCVs front and rear.
I went with the 39s because there one of the only tires over 37" tall and still 12.50 wide.
To say the least I am very happy with them


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Oct 12, 2010
Toquerville UT
I've got my 80 set up similar for drivetrain....RCV's front, Nitro's rear. I did send a lockout across two counties a year ago, trying the climb just past The Chute. I've rebuilt one of the RCV's but haven't broken one yet. I've stuck with 315's, too many road/dirt mile trips to make larger tires logical.


Spotter Required
I tow most everywhere I go, That being said I am always impressed at how well it drives down the road at 70 mph.
Bead locks 39s and no balancing of any kind.
With to 10% under drive 5.29 and the 39s the speedo is actually spot on.
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