Rockstar MT tires


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Sep 5, 2016
Cedar City, Utah
Rockstar MT tires... :rolleyes:
So I wasn't planning to write a review on these but I feel that these need one. A little back history, I bought a used 2014 F150 last year and the dealer I bought it from threw some new tires and wheels on it. When I bought the truck they were literally brand new. 33/12.5/20 (Wouldn't be my first choice of tire or wheel size on this truck)

Me being me I looked at them and wondered about them since I had not heard of them before. I figured they were brand new and I didn't have a choice since they were on the truck already how bad could they be... right?

Well I quickly found that they are made in China which explains a lot. Second, I seen that the dealer had tried to balance them a could times and they still had a very slight shimmy in the steering wheel. I worked as a lead Tech at 4WP for several years so I know that some MT tires are a little tougher to balance than others but most good brands of tires will balance out fairly well.

Well my final opinion on these is that they are terrible. As you can see in the pic one is a new photo I found online and the other is mine. These tires have less thank 9k miles on them and they have less than 1/2 tread on them. They are noisy and ride pretty rough, the balancing issue only got worse as I drove on them. I'll need new tires before I even hit 20k miles on these which is what I'd expect from running a set of Super Swampers or something along those lines.

What can you expect from some eBay Special tires I guess. My advice to anyone is buy some good USA made tires, there are so many good tires out there that there is no need what so ever to buy China made tires.

When the time and money allows I'll change these out to some 17" wheels and most likely some BFG ATs.




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Jul 12, 2019
I run the rockstar mt 33 12/50 20’s and haven’t had a problem with them I have over 45000 miles on them. There about 1/2 tread. So I guess I got lucky lol I will be going back to qr9000 gladiator mud tires when these wear out.
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