What's a early Bronco worth


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Oct 23, 2010
Neenah Wi
So you want to buy an early Bronco
Whats a Early Bronco Worth?

I have seen the question...whats this bronco worth too many times to count! After years of looking at many, many broncos that are for sale, this is my baseline for value.

Whats a bronco worth......I should add that these are the usual asking prices and NOT what you should pay!

1-2 grand- gets you a rust bucket. Usually tons of bondo, JB weld, duct tape, mouse droppings and occasionly a real live mouse. It is not uncommon for this bronco to have a 2 gallon gas can mounted between the front seats and a tree growing through the floor board. It is also not uncommon for you to be able to see the asphalt through a large rust hole in the floor. The drivers seat might either be a lawn chair or a 5 gallon bucket. This bronco may also have the infamous 3 cornered windshield! Dont expect to drive this home!

3 grand-gets you a simi-rust bucket you can actually drive home. Usually some patch pannels (some may be up to 3/16" sheet metal though), and lots of bondo. The doors may or may not stay shut around corners. You may have to pump the breaks (may also have to add brake fluid often) to build up pressure. Also beware of filling the steel rear tank all the way, as it may be riddled with pin sized rust holes. This truck will leave you high or nauseous from the exhaust fumes entering and the heat coming through the firewall holes.You should be able to drive this bronco home!

4 grand-gets you the same bronco as above but the difference is that you can SAFELY drive this one home!

6 grand-this should get you a fairly decent bronco. All rust and holes should be "hidden" and painted over and all panels should be of matching color. This truck should drive and stop well. Also should be pretty mechanically sound. You should be able to let your wife or girlfriend safely drive this home!

9 grand-this bronco should be in great shape with no body blemishes. Should have power steering, power brakes. Should be a reliable runner with a solid drivetrain. This should basically be a turn key truck. The main difference in a $9,000 bronco is that your wife or girlfriend should WANT to drive this truck home!

12-15 grand- this bronco would be one found at a car show. Should have a sweet paint job. This truck should have upgraded axles and a trac lock device of some sort. It should have at least 35" tires wrapped around bead locks. It should have a flawless interior. Your wife or girl friend should want to drive this home but you wont let her!

20+ grand- this bronco is a work of art. It should have a custom 4 link coil suspension system with resevor shocks. This bronco should have a fuel injected motor producing at a min 500HP, 4 wheel disk brakes, hydrolic steering, 23 gallon fuel tank, tilt steering column, air conditioning, full roll cage tied into frame, viewfinder windshield frame, tube bumpers, winch, electric windows, the vent windows should have been removed, electric locks, power leather seats with heat, etc. It should score at least 1000 on a 30 degree ramp! Also if your wife or girlfriend isnt pretty understanding, this bronco should be comfortable enough to live in! This bronco should nearly drive itself!

115-287 grand
- this should be a small collection of at least 6 early broncos or one bronco powered by a GE J-79 engine with around 18,000 lbs of thrust. This truck should be the main attraction at a drag race! No 40 year old bronco is worth this! This bronco should be capable of short flight.

Priceless-this bronco should be a stocker and have "UNCUT" wheel wells! Interior and exterior should be stock. Engine and drivetrain should be stock. This bronco should always remain stock and uncut!
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