Living With Rubi

By Mike "TXJEEPER" Cohn

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Thursday, March 20, 2003
The things we learn when we speak to the right folks! It turns out that all of my kveching about the stereo in both the Rubicon and the TJ Sport we had late last year was NOT me being non-Jeepy

As it turns out, after doing some more research, we determined that there was an issue with radio programming that was corrected before most 2003 Wranglers began shipping. Being press fleet vehicles, our Jeeps most-certainly slipped through the cracks and did not get updated.

So there you have it. I'm not crazy. I'm not overly picky of the sound in the Jeep. I have also proven that my golden ears still work as specified.  :-)

Meanwhile, the sun has finally come out and I have begun enjoying the Jeep and stopped worrying about the things that nag.  Ah yes...how I do love TJs. If only I could pull the hard top off easily. Too much for one person to do and too much, still, for one man and his pregnant wife. Today being the start of Spring also means that there's still plenty of rain in the forecast. Blech.

Saturday I have plans for a private outing to a new OHV park and I cannot wait to get the Jeep out. Being a press vehicle means that it has probably has not even seen 4 wheel drive, let alone low range with the lockers on. The clean underbelly seems to confirm my suspicions, too. With just under 10,000 miles on Rubi, it is high time to let her fulfill her destiny. Saturday, baby!

- TX -


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