Living With Rubi

By Mike "TXJEEPER" Cohn

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Sometimes, being the Editor of an off-road site really has its perks. A year ago, we got to drive the Jeep Rubicons long before the factory ever even got tooled up for production. Almost a year later, we got our own Rubicon, dubbed "Rubi" to drive and live with for two weeks. Follow along as we give our impressions while Living With Rubi.

3/17/2003 - Meet Rubi

3/19/2003 - First Impressions

3/20/2003 - Rubi Rubi Rubi

3/22/2003 - Hitting the Trails! (Mini Rubicon Review)

3/23/2003 - Rubi Takes a Breather

3/26/2003 - A visit to Sloss and other silly ramblings


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