Casting Out Satan
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By, EZ Rhino

EZ Rhino - Casting Out Satan

The Exorcism and Aftermath

As requested, here's Carl tearing Satan ou with his bare teeth!

Removal of Satan and his feces was the easiest part of this project. With the help of a good friend (thanks, Carl!), we had the entire front clip, drivetrain, and every trace of wiring stripped out of the Jeep in about three hours! Removing the front sheet metal is really necessary and prevents bashing into the fenders while removing the engine and reinstalling the new one. It also makes it ten times easier to work on the motor.

Now that there was a gaping hole where an engine should be, it was time to figure out what to do next. The old drivetrain leaked from every seal, every cover, and every plug. I was totally sick of the constant drip of oil and having to put cardboard under the jeep if I didn't want an Exxon Valdez experience in my garage or driveway.

Having an 'empty' Jeep is the best time to get under it and really clean it up. I also decided to change all the seals and gaskets on the new motor, transmission, and the transfer case.

I decided that this was also the perfect time to do some repainting/rust-proofing while I was at it. After talking to a lot of people, I decided to try out a couple new products. The first is POR-15 paint. The second is rubberized undercoating. Click here (sidebar 1) to find out more about how these products turned out.

Before removal or any disassembly, it's a good idea to take a lot of measurements. I found out that the stock engine is offset to the driver's side 1.25". It was also 22 inches from the floor to the lowest part of the oil pan. I also measured pinion/driveshaft angles, front axle to oil pan clearance, rear pinion/driveshaft angles, and distance from floor to lowest part of the transfer case.

The nice thing about disconnecting all that stuff from an engine that will never go back in is that you can cut with reckless abandon and not worry too much about it. The Iron Duke has a LOT of vacuum lines.

Note: When cutting wires, watch out for electrical plugs/connectors. Many of these are re-used with the new harness, so don't cut on the wrong side and discard the plug. The plug that connects on top of the transfer case (for the 4WD light on your dash) is one example of this.

With the help of the holy 4WDSU magazine, Carl casts the demons out of the motor and the rest of the jeep to prevent future breakdowns and problems.

I found it an easy task to remove the transfer case first. This makes the engine/transmission combo easier to balance on the hoist, and easier to maneuver once it's out of the jeep.

Using a pressure washer is the way to go! However, be prepared to clean up the mess of flying goo and grime. I hooked up the hose to the power washer from the hot water heaters in my house. Using 120 degree water and soaking the engine with degreaser beforehand is a great cleaning combo.

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