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Bulletproof Sidesteps Rocker Guards

By Kevin Curry

On to the install
The Bulletproof Sidesteps Rocker Guards are made for both the Jeep YJ and Jeep TJ Wranglers. For the YJ there are 6 mounting locations with no drilling required. For the TJ, however, there is some drilling to be done on the frame for the, get this, 11 mounting locations! Those suckers aren't going anywhere! Being that Texas4x4 is a TJ, we had to be ready to drill 11 holes in the frame.

Bullteproof Sidesteps Rocker Guards Step1
Measure your biceps. Inspect your frame for the mounting area, especially if you dumped those inferior Brand A rocksliders for these bad-boys. You need to make sure your holes line up just right, as well.
Bullteproof Sidesteps Rocker Guards Step 2
Commence drilling! This was the hardest part of the whole install. There are easier ways to do this, I'm sure. If you resort to my tactics, then park the Jeep next to a wall or, in my case, a large truck tire to brace your back up against so you can put some umph behind the drill. Make sure you have some sort of spray lubricant handy and periodically spray the hole you're drilling to keep from burning up the bit. Start the drilling on the rear two struts because the front is a little different.
Bullteproof Sidesteps Rocker Guards Bullteproof Sidesteps Rocker Guards
Bullteproof Sidesteps Rocker Guards Step 3
Inspect the holes you drilled to make sure they line up correctly. Since the drilling part is not an exact science, you may want to have a rat-tail file handy. I ended up buying one as an after-thought but in the mean time, the file on my multi-tool knife worked fine. I did notice the hole on the Sidesteps Rocker Guards did not line up just right, but it didn't take much to correct it.
Bullteproof Sidesteps Rocker Guards

Step 4
Drilling the back sides of 11 mounting holes will feel like a huge undertaking once you get done, but when you are finished you should measure your biceps again to see how much the size has increased. Go ahead and thread the bolt and washer though the rail then line it up with the holes you already drilled out.

Once you have the have the holes from the rear two struts drilled out you'll need to mark where the 3 holes for the front strut are to be drilled, because there are no holes otherwise.

Bullteproof Sidesteps Rocker Guards Step 5 (optional)
I went to a local skateboard shop and picked up 6-feet of grip tape to add to the top surfaces of the Sidesteps Rocker Guards. This allows one to use them as steps in virtually any condition.
Bullteproof Sidesteps Rocker Guards Step 6
Rat-tail any of the holes if necessary and thread the rest of the bolts and washers. Then mount the Sidesteps Rocker Guards and cinch the nuts down tight. Go back and make double sure you tightened all the nuts down. You're done!




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