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Four X Doctor
Rocker Panel Guards

By Cole Ford

"Wow" I thought. "These guys must have been reading my mind." I was so happy to discover that they had a new design that was EXACTLY what we were looking for. Their new design is a body-hugging protection panel with a built-in step. This would give us all the ground clearance we needed to gain, while maintaining the side step. We actually gained a sturdy Hi-Lift Jack point and tow strap point for those sideways extractions.

A quick call to the Four X Doctor and they were on there way to my door step. I studied the Four X Doctor's web site and the install instructions to make sure I would have all the necessary hardware to install them when they arrived. All the bolts, nuts and goodies needed to bolt them on came with the rockers.

I did have to take a trip to the local hardware store to buy some things that I did not have. The install requires four 1 ¼" holes to be drilled to the inside panel (not through the outside of the Jeep) so that you can get a socket in to tighten the bolts. Make sure you have a good drill. This just about killed mine. I also bought some non-slip tape (to us skaters this is "grip tape") to put on the steps for extra traction with wet and muddy shoes.

Did the Doctor cure the "Rock Rash" Problem?
These things are like a vaccine against serious rock rash on your Jeep. I have been on a serious testing mission since I got them. Here is the score sheet so far.
- 4 trips up "Carnage Canyon"
- Moab Easter Jeep Safari 2001
- Wheeler Lake
- Spring Creek
- stray boulder near my house
- endless poundings from Soccer Mom assault vehicles at the grocery store.

So far, the only thing I have been able to do is scratch the powder coat. The side steps extend exactly the same distance away from the Jeep as the factory ones did. They are very easy to stand on and make it much easier to get back in the Jeep on the trail. They also gave me 5 ½" of ground clearance over the factory steps. This is a huge gain. I would have destroyed the side of my Jeep without them.

I fear no rock now. I have not had a chance to try pulling the Jeep sideways with them. I think I will save that test until I need to do it. I did jack it up with the Hi-Lift, though. The side step made for a very secure jack point and kept the jack a few inches away from the body of the Jeep. These are definitely one of the best things we have installed so far.




Jack it up!
The Rocker Panel Guards provide a strong jack point for a Hi-Lift.

Try this with steps and you'll come out a few pounds lighter. The Four X Doctor rockers are nice and snug up against the rockers, allowing you to miss some rocks and glide over others.

Grip Tape
For extra safety when climbing in and standing on the bars we used some 3M grip tape on the rocker panel guards. The tape helps to provide some traction, even when the bars are wet.

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