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By, chad Crowell

Hanson Enterprise Rear Bumper, Tire Carrier, and Cargo Rack System

Rear "Rubicon" Bumper

HRubicon Bumperanson's rear bumper is big and beefy. It is made of formed 3/16" hot rolled steel and is 60" wide. I like this style of construction rather than a piece of boxed steel, because in an accident or roll, the bumper will give rather than the frame of the Jeep. The basic design of the bumper allows for stepping on the bumper, mounting a tire carrier, and gives excellent approach angle and rear corner protection. It also incorporates a standard 2" receiver hitch. Options for the rear bumper include shackle tabs and D-Rings.

The bumper mounts to the frame with not 4, not 8 but 12 bolts! Backing plates are provided, as well as all hardware. The bumper bolts to the crossmember with the standard eight bolt holes (1999 and newer TJ's will need to drill out four inner holes on crossmember). Then Wayne also provides four support braces, two that mount atop the frame and bumper, and two that mount below the crossmember and then to the bottom of the bumper. This thing ain't movin', sports fans!

Side view of bumper. Note angled 
            bottom and corner protection. The bumper makes a great footstand...and had a 2" receiver built in.

Tire/Utility Carrier

The tire/utility carrier certainly lives up to its name.Hanson's tire carrier mounts directly to the rear bumper by way of a greaseable spindle and a body mount. It is mainly made of 1.5" x 1.5" and 1.5" x 2" .120 wall square tube. The lower main beam is 3" x 2" .120 wall square tube. To mount, simply slide the spindle clamp over the spindle on the bumper and swing it in and out until it slides down all the way. Then close the carrier and it automatically latches firmly shut.

There are two small bolts on the spindle clamp to tighten so that the carrier swings either easily or tightly when you open it. Grease the zerk fitting and you can adjust the bolts to your liking. Hanson built a rubber nipple onto the bumper to eliminate rattles when the tire carrier is closed. Pushing the carrier shut brings it solidly against the rubber, and the latch engages its seat in the bumper. The rubber nipple places force on the carrier and holds it tight against its seat. Simple, yet ingenious!

The greasable spindle mount allows smooth, noise-free operation. The latch mechanism locks the carrier tightly open and closed.  The rubber nipple elimintaes freeplay.

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