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By, chad Crowell

Hanson Enterprise Rear Bumper, Tire Carrier, and Cargo Rack System

More about the Rear "Rubicon" Bumper

TThe upper hinge provides additional support.he carrier also mounts to the body above the passenger side tail light. I know this will make some of you cringe...but think about when you are mounting up those 35" 8 ply Boggers, along with a cargo rack and a million other things in the jeep...you'll be glad you have it. Simply assemble the poly bushing as shown, and slide the bracket onto the carrier arm/bushing. Make sure the carrier is closed. Mark the bolt holes, drill, and use the supplied bolts into the body, and then through the bracket and bushing. The body mount is designed to allow for differences such as corner protectors, as the bracket and bushing have some play built in...but it still doesn't rattle!

To open, place a touch of pressure on your spare tire and lift up on the rearmost knob. It clicks to disengage and the carrier opens with ease. The swing out tire carrier also automatically latches in the open position. The other knob on the carrier can be pulled outward as you swing the carrier closed to disengage the spring-loaded lockout mechanism.

The T handle tire mount makes removing the spare a snap! It is called a tire/utility carrier because you don't have to mount a spare tire to it if you don't want to! The tire mount does not even have to be ordered. If you'd rather, you can mount the spare in the bed, on the roll bar, wherever you wish...and you can mount a cargo rack in its place. Obviously, most of us will use the spare tie mount, and here are its features: Rather than using lugnuts, the mount uses a T handle that has rubber grips on it. Simply place your spare on the mount, and spin in the T handle until snug. A 2.5" shackle padlock can be added for security. The tire mount will accommodate all popular wheel bolt patterns.


The swing out carries a myriad of other items as well...your Hi-Lift jack, for instance. Hardware is available so that the jack mounts to the inside of the carrier, and another 2.5" shackle padlock can be used to lock the jack in. Note that mounting the jack requires removing the jack foot.

Max-Ax mounts are also available. Simply drilling a hole in the end of the axe allows use of yet another padlock for keeping the axe from walking away (my axe is mounted upside down as compared to Hanson's usual mounting style. This was done to prevent water from pooling in the axe sheath and corroding the axe head.)


The Max Ax mount securely holds your Max tool in place.

Hanson also provides tabs for mounting auxiliary reverse/utility lights. This is a relatively new feature, but a valuable one! Finally, a license plate mounting kit is available, along with a light. The plate can be mounted anywhere on the carrier...I chose to cover one of the light tabs as I felt one 55W reverse light provided enough backing illumination for me. Finally, high atop the tire carrier is a CB antenna mount. Simply screw your antenna to the mounting tab and you are set.

I welded the antenna tab on, and the cargo rack bolts to the inner hole. Auxiliary lights can be mounted directly to the swing out.

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