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By, Mike Cohn "TXJEEPER"

Coat Your Bed! Put Herculiner on Your Truck Bed in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: PREP

Remove the seats, console, seat belts, and everything else that could possibly be in the way.

Once everything was removed from the Bronco, we pulled out the nasty old carpets. This Bronco goes topless for most of the year, so rain and leaves are regular visitors. You must be very careful not to get Herculiner in the bolt holes in the bed or you will not be able to put the bolts back in later. We put the bolts back in slightly and wrapped masking tape around the threads and heads and then turned them snug against the bed, leaving just a tape cone sitting out.

Wash your truck out thoroughly. This is the last time your bed will ever see moisture again! Let the bed dry thoroughly before moving on.

Next, the bed needs to be scuffed using the included scuff pad.

The idea here is not to sand the finish off of the metal. Rather, it is simply to scuff it. The goal is to remove any shine. You want a dull-looking finish.

Here's where the Xylene comes in. Using an old rag, use plenty of Xylene to wipe down every surface of the bed. This is to help ensure that the bed is clean and properly prepped.

If you're working on a hot day, this will require a lot of Xylene, as it will evaporate almost as fast as you can get your rag onto the bed.

Herculiner is extremely messy, so be sure to mask off everything you can.

We even put plastic bags over the pedals. Extra care was taken around the shifter boots, as well.

The Xylene should be allowed to evaporate for about a half an hour before applying the Herculiner. Once it is dried and you have masked everything you possibly can get to, it's time to get to the fun stuff!

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