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We Try The New JKS Quick Disconnects


JKS Quick Disconnects for Jeep TJ's and XJ's

1 After removing the old links, the first step is to put the u-straps on your swaybar. It's pretty simple. Just put the nylon lock-nut on the bolt.

2 Install the pin into the bottom mounting bracket. Ours was pretty corroded and we needed to file one side out a bit.

3 Repeat steps one and two on the other side. At this point, you need to figure out your proper working length.

4 Insert the Allen-head bolt into the u-strap and leave it loose for now. You can tighten it once you're finished. Set your swaybar so it is level.

5 Rotate the link until it lines up properly with the pin and slides easily onto it. Once in place, tighten the jam nut and do the other side. Refer to the included chart to be sure you have a good working length. Once finished, tighten Allen bolt.

Finishing the install...




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