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By, Scott Brown

Rough Country - K5 Blazer 3" Body Lift Install

Once the truck is in, the first order of business is removing the battery cable from the battery so there are no surprise sparks. On air bag trucks it is a good idea to pull the airbag fuse until the very end in case you bump the sensor. Next to go would have been the upper fan shroud, except this vehicle was missing it. Normally, you save the upper half to re-install on the radiator once the lift is done. Now check over the engine bay to look for any misc. wires, hoses, cables, etc. that do not have enough slack to allow for three inches of lift. Remember, that only the body is moving, not the frame or engine, so those body to engine ground straps need to be checked also. Once happy that everything has enough room to grow it is time to go underneath.

First, remove the lower fan shroud bolts. This allows the removal of the lower shroud . Being careful the lower shroud can be worked around to the top of the fan and removed. This half of the shroud will not be re-used. Be sure to temporarily secure the radiator to prevent radiator damage.
Next, remove the automatic shift rod. It is the long, straight rod attached to the arm pointed out by the screwdriver. This rod will have the supplied extension rod welded to it and then re-installed and left loose until the end.
Now it is time to start removing the old body bolts. Starting in the front, it is necessary to remove the front grill to get access to the two front-most body bolts as pointed out by the end of the screwdriver . It is a good idea to have a friend holding the wrench while you spin the nut free. These almost always come out fairly easy.

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