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By, Scott Brown

Rough Country - K5 Blazer 3" Body Lift Install

Continue down the body removing all the body bolts. Here is where you can tell how lucky you are. If you manage to remove all the body bolts in a truck this age without a problem, I would suggest buying several lottery tickets! As far as removing all the bolts at once, bear in mind that we are using an overhead lift that will later be able to lift the whole body up at once. If you are doing this in your driveway then do one side at a time and use a floor jack with a block of wood to lift against the body.
As luck would have it, we ran into two different problems with the back-most body mounts. First of all, this truck was equipped with a class III hitch. No problem, though, we just removed the hitch to get to the factory holes drilled in the bottom section of the frame. These holes are used to get to the body bolts, which are located in the upper frame section. The problem comes from the fact that the customer had ripped the hitch off the frame before, so he welded a piece of flat steel to the bottom frame section and then welded the hitch to the flat steel. This left us no choice but to remove the gas tank to reach the bolts.
Surprise number two came when went to remove the rear body mounts. There was no floorboard left to support the rear portion of the body. The customer later admitted to the body "slapping" when it went over hard bumps. We ended up making some flat steel spanners across the floor to allow a solid place to mount the new body bolts. As a note, usually the next forward set of body bolts just end up spinning in the floor instead of the nuts coming off. This is because they are carriage bolts that use the floor as the way of holding the bolt stationary.
Now that all the body bolts are gone, it is time to lift the body off the frame. Do this slowly so that any binding wires or etc. can be relocated before breaking. This also includes watching the gas tank fill and fuel hoses. On Chevy pick ups it is often required to install a fill and vent hose extension. If this is needed, it is supplied in the lift kit. Sometimes it is necessary to extend the differential breathers where they locate on the body. Once the correct height has been reached install the body mounts (this is a good time to replace with new ones from Daystar) and then the blocks.
Insert the new bolts and snug them up. Be sure to install all the bolts and position the body properly on the frame before final tightening. Also, be sure to use the supplied Loc-Tite. Lastly, tighten the lengthened transmission shift rod . In our case, we also had to re-install the gas tank and then lower the vehicle.

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