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By, Mike Cohn "TXJEEPER"

DeLorme Earthmate and Solus Pro 1.5 does it work?

DeLorme EarthmateEasy! Really! Here's the scoop:


  1. Put your Solus Pro CD in your PC. It should start up by itself. If not, open open Windows Explorer and find the .exe file and double click on it.
  2. Choose your handheld type [Palm | Windows CE]
  3. Agree to the terms of use and the software will automatically install itself on your C: drive. This is one thing I actually didn't like, even though it was very simple. I am nuts about deciding where I want files installed and do not like to clutter up my C: drive's main directory level. I also really wanted it to be on my E: drive but wasn't allowed to change it. A minor thing, but something worth noting.
  4. You are then told that Solus Pro will be installed on your Palm the next time it is Hot Sync'd.
  5. Close the install program if it does not close itself and proceed to Hot Sync your Palm. you should now see Solus on the Palm's screen. You're done!

At this point, your Palm has the Solus software and will accept your GPS's input. When you open up Solus, it will need to be initialized. Tap on INITIALIZE in the task bar and tell Solus Pro what state you live in and your GMT offset. Offset is (-5) for the US East Coast and (-8) for the West Coast. We chose (-6) for ours.

You're GPS will immediately start working if you are outside and will quickly start processing data. You can now choose to look at Position, Map, Navigate, Directions, or Initialize again. Position is the only thing that will work at this point. More on this later. The position screen will tell you your Latitude, Longitude, and up to four other pieces of information that you can choose yourself, including: Average speed, battery voltage, bearing, course, date, distance to finish, distance to next turn, elevation, heading, maximum speed, position dilution of precisition (PDOP), speed, time, time to finish, time to next turn, and tripometer. Again, many of these will not work just yet.

This information is all very useful if you're good at navigation and have a clue where you need to go simply by Latitude and Longitude. But, for must of us, this won't help much. So what's the scoop?


Enter Solus MapMaker --->>>



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