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By, Mike Cohn "TXJEEPER"

DeLorme Earthmate and Solus Pro 1.5

Enter Solus MapMaker

To really get the most out of Solus Pro, start up your Internet connection. Now click on START | DeLorme | Solus MapMaker | Solus MapMaker Register. You will need to register SolusPro before you can use it. It only takes a minute. Next, go to the same place and click on Solus MapMaker Connect. This will open up your web browser and take you to the DeLorme Solus MapMaker main page. You will find a link WIZARDS. Clicking on it begins the map-making process.

Enter your start and finish points for your trip...


You will then see a confimation of your trip.


Lastly, you will see the actual trip itinerary with step distances.


You can also see your route on a map.


Lastly, you are given your download choices and you can save your work.


Part of the beauty of all this, is that you can download maps anywhere that you can plug in your Palm and do a HotSync, as long as you have an Internet connection. There are still two more steps to go through before using your maps. First, you must run the SolusPro Converter... Start | DeLorme | Solus Pro 1.5 | Solus Pro 1.5 Converter. This step is a bit ambiguous, as nothing really seems to happen. In reality, though, what has happened, is that Solus Pro has converted the files from the website into files usable by the Palm unit.

The second step is to do open up your Palm desktop software and tell it to install the files. Click on INSTALL. You then have to find the files. They are somewhat hidden. They can be found under C:\DeLorme Mobile Maps | Palm Computing . Tell the Palm software to load the .pdb files. Once they are selected, you can do another Hot Sync.




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