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Story by Mike Scott
Photos by
Mike Scott and Tom Chapman

3-Stage Hill is a perennial favorite in Clayton. A now-retired logging trail, it is now a great challenge for 4-wheelers. The hill is probably about 35 degrees and half way up stands a foot and a half tall step! It takes just the right amount of momentum, finesse, and usually lockers to make it up.


We did get a bit of rain one day. Add water to the hill and it gets really hairy!



Myself and others check out John Austin's Wild Hare after getting too far up in the air and crashing down on the hill. John broke a rear pinion yoke. After removing it on the hill, he rolled it back down and called it a day.

The hill is just the beginning of this great trail. The climb takes about an hour and a half and ascends about 1300 feet. Without at least one locker and an experienced driver, there was no getting up this trail. It gets progressively rougher and rockier and will test any vehicle.

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