Text and Photos by Mike Cohn (TXJEEPER)

.The Bus Line trail's name comes from the old abandoned school bus at the top of the hill. Apparently, it was the victim of a teenage prank, years ago. The climb seems like almost a quarter mile. It begins fairly tame, with just some rubble and a minor upward grade. It's only a tease, though, as you soon find it gets progressively steeper, and the rocks get bigger and bigger!

Bus Line 4

.Needless to say, the lower, stock vehicles dig a lot of banging to get up this hill. In fact, a TJ busted his rear output shaft getting stuck on a nasty rock. Two winchings, and a 200 foot strapping later, we got him off the hill!

Bus Line

.This full size Silverado found its own problems on the way up the hill, as it's extremely long wheel base was just no match for some of the mounds going up. But, after a couple good yanks from a Toyota (and a very dented rocker panel) he made his way up the hill.

Bus Line

.The name-sake bus. Of course, it's full of bullet holes, silly!

Bus Line


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