Text and Photos by Mike Cohn (TXJEEPER)

.Most of the land that the Clayton runs consist of are private. The primary use for them is logging, however, they are open to anybody who want to go four-wheeling or biking. The first trail my group hit was Survey Line. One of the things a few of us commented on, regarding these open events, is the variety of vehicle makes on the runs. However, on our run, we had 100% Jeeps. But, we had all kinds, from CJs to TJs, so we still had fun!

Survey 1

.The majority of the Survey Line trail is pretty simple rocky trails. No major obstacles or ledges to go over, except for one or two good downhill drops. Lots of brush-dodging, though, as the trees and bushes tend to get awefully tight in spots.

Survey 2

.Marcia Cromley of the San Antonio Jeep Exlusive (SAJE) club shows us that the longer wheelbase vehicles were going to have to take different lines. And, maybe take a towstrapping or two!

Survey 3

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