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Story and Photos by Tony Newsom and Mike Stoker

DeLeon, Texas
Texas gets a new trail

DeLeonThe day started out at 5:30am. My jeep was ready to go and all we had to do was wait for Steve Turney, Mike Wall and Mike Stoker to show up. About 5:50am, Steve pulls up to the house in his Maxima ( Steve's jeep was getting a new heart; a used 258) About 10 minutes later, Mike showed up and off we went.

About two hours later, we pulled up to the Texaco in De Leon, Texas and got gas and breakfast. We followed Mr. Golden as he lead us out to his pasture. He showed us around and then let us roam free.

DeLeonThe purpose of this trip was to have fun and cut some new trails. The runs began with us cutting the creek trail which included obstacles like The Swimming Pool, The Diving Board and The Leap of Faith.

The Leap of Faith is how we got into the trail. It is about two and a half feet tall and the Scrambler dragged the rear-end over it. Lance had no problem with it in his CJ-7, but Mike Wall with his 33's went around it.


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