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Emergency Night Run

By Chris Shontz
August 8-9, 2001 (7:00 PM - 2:30 AM)                     Discuss This Story Here

Well, it was Wednesday, middle of the week, and around lunchtime during work. I had an idea to get the guys together and go four-wheeling after work.

We departed at 7:00 PM from the Wal-Mart parking lot and began our drive up to the gas station where we aired down and set out for the trails near Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Fortunately, I remembered my digital camera.

Here's a picture of the trail head as soon as we left the pavement! Notice the terrain is really dry and rocky. Perfect!

In our party of spontaneity-laden adventurers, we had two Jeep TJs with four people. I drove my TJ, with non-Jeeper Bill riding shotgun, and Dan in his TJ with Mike riding shotgun.

Here's a picture of Mike spotting me up some nasty jagged rocks! Mike's a good spotter. Notice the very clear and understandable hand signals he's using to navigate me to safety.

Here's a picture of Dan driving across a vast garden of rocks. Nice articulation, Dan! In this picture, Mike is watching Dan's rear quarter to make sure it doesn't get snagged on a perilously jagged edge.

After this, I decided to try climbing up a massive boulder that the trail branched over. Once again, my ego was writing checks my TJ couldn't cash. We came dangerously close to rolling and Bill tasted seat for the first time.

Taking time out to stargaze is mandatory on any night-time trailride. It's at this point we had deep conversations, talked about life, women, and contemplated the possibility of using a sheep's bladder to help prevent earthquakes.

The sky was clear and the stars were readily visible. I think we really could've stayed there all night, but...

Here's a picture of Mike and Bill doing something. I'm the third figure in the background, formulating infinity.

Here's another picture of our stargazing break. I am the figure in this picture, taking a swig of Mountain Dew Code Red with my back turned to the camera.

The place where we had stopped was a "playground" type place with coal hills. There was a vast amount of open space and rolling mounds of coal.

Our break was over and we hopped into our Jeeps and continued down the trail.




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