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Story by Jon Beaujon

The Great Jeep Adventure in Hawaii

South PointThe next day we continued to head south towards South Point, the southernmost point in the United States. We were able to leave the main road and find a trail that led to the coast. We were able to travel the last 4 or 5 miles on the coast until we hit South Point. Green Sand Beach (Papakolea) was on the way there. Yes, the sand actually looks green for some reason or another. By the looks of it, not too many people come this direction.

Road?We saw only two other people out there. South Point was not too interesting. We did see a windmill farm out there . From South Point, we took South Point road back to Hawaii Belt road and were off to our final destination of the day, The Road to the Sea.Monica departed with us at that point, because she had some business to take care of the next day. That was a real interesting evening. The Road to the Sea was not well marked. There were several roads that headed towards the sea. We went up and down three or four of them trying to find a good place to camp for the evening. All these roads ran through lava fields. The lava had been flattened with a steam roller to makes roads, but they were all rough.

RoadAfter settling in and eating, it was starting to get dark. At one point Corey dissappeared for a while. We gave up searching after a while figuring he would show up. Well, he did, it had been raining for a while, and he shows up with sand all over himself. I heard a noise and pointed my flashlight towards some bushes, and there he was. He had just stumbled in. We came to find out later that he went for a swim and got washed out into the ocean. You see, the stream got preety strong as it got closer to the ocean. He was covered in sand and had scrapes all over also. He was a mess. He did not seem to mind as he crawled into his tent and promply fell asleep.



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