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Story by Jon Beaujon

The Great Jeep Adventure in Hawaii

.The plans for this trip had been in the making for a long while. The only problem was everyone being able to take their vacation at the same time. There was talk about it for a while, but no one ever was able to set a date for this trip. Finally, me and another friend of mine were about to leave the island of Oahu. I was due for the Army to transfer me in September some time, and my friend was to leave soon after that. So, the decision was made to do the trip in August.

.Let me introduce everyone that was involved. First, there is me, Jon. I was stationed on Oahu for three years and met all these people while I was there. Ace (Yes that is his real name) and Monica, they used to live on Oahu, but moved back to the Island of Hawaii. Their dog Bear, a 90 pound Akida. Dennis and his son Corey. Dennis lives on Oahu, his son lives in Washington somewhere. Mike, who was about to move to Arizona, and Kalani who is from Oahu.

.Originally, me, Dennis, Mike, and Kalani were all supposed to ship our Jeeps from Oahu to Hawaii. Beleive it or not, it only cost about $200 for a round trip ticket for the Jeeps to get shipped between the islands. However, me and Kalani were having major Jeep problems at the time, and were not able to ship our Jeeps. Fortunately, Ace and Monica had a Jeep also. Actually, they have two, but one was in a major state of disassembly, waiting to get put together and painted. Seating was going to be tight, with all our stuff, but we would manage.

.I got there a few days early to have fun and go out and party with Ace and Monica. The rest of the crew got there a couple of days later. They assemble at a freind and work associate of Dennis. Soon after they go there, Dennis' Jeep started having electrical problems. Ace, also known as Dr. Jeep on his e-mail address, went to work. Give him a wrench and multimeter, and he can damn near fix any problem on a Jeep. The aftermath of that was not pretty, but the Jeep was running. Dennis had to have the wiring fixed when he returned home, but he had no more problems on trip.

.That night, we went to Ace and Monica's house, in the town of Hilo, and barbequed and talked about old times. We also managed to put down a lot of beer and Jello Shots, which were made up a few days prior. While we were all still coherent, we made plans for the days to follow.

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