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Story by Jon Beaujon

The Great Jeep Adventure in Hawaii

WaipoThe next day, we packed up our stuff into the three Jeeps. There were two CJ7s and a CJ5. We headed towards Waipio Valley. Waipio Valley is a beautiful spot, located on the Hamakua Coast on the northeren part of the island. From the main road, the valley is several hundred feet down. There is a neat twisty and windy road that leads down the the valley. Unfortunately, there is no four wheeling down there, as most of the last is privately owned, however, there is a beautiful beach which you can camp on. There is also a large stream that feeds into the ocean.

Waipo ValleyFirst, we set up camp, then we decided to follow the road that leads up into the valley. It did not go far, but the view was spectacular. The whole valley looked like a rain forest, or what I would picture a rain forest to look like. Lets just say it was really green. We even encountered a few horses running around freely. At one end of the beach, there was a waterfall coming down the cliff. If you ventured out onto some rocks, you could stand under it. We camped a little ways back from the beach near the stream. All the closer camp spots were taken. Luckily we got there early enough in the day to enjoy the beach and go swimming in the stream.

RoadAfter settling in and eating, it was starting to get dark. At one point Corey dissappeared for a while. We gave up searching after a while figuring he would show up. Well, he did, it had been raining for a while, and he shows up with sand all over himself. I heard a noise and pointed my flashlight towards some bushes, and there he was. He had just stumbled in. We came to find out later that he went for a swim and got washed out into the ocean. You see, the stream got preety strong as it got closer to the ocean. He was covered in sand and had scrapes all over also. He was a mess. He did not seem to mind as he crawled into his tent and promply fell asleep.



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