High Desert
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Story by,
John Buell (Leader of the RockaHolics)

Photos by,
Mike Troy & The Inland Empire 4-Wheelers

Hours later, as the dust settled, it became apparent that the attack had been a success. The Death Rock had been surmounted and destroyed, but not without casualties. Crawlers of all shapes and sizes lay strewn about the canyon. Crew-members, bruised and war-torn, attempted to put the pieces back together for the long journey home. One Crawler pilot was heard to say, "Wow, that was intense!". They were all glad to be alive.


The Galaxy was for now, peaceful. But for Larry Rockwalker and the victorious Crawlers, it seemed that there would always be one more battle, one more Pucker Canyon. For now though, they would celebrate, for they knew that as in all battles, "To the Victor go the spoils"...... so they ate lunch.

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