By William Karstens
Photos by Anders Karlsson

Yucca Flats is a series of rounded granite slabs that makes for fun play. Here, we fooled around, ate lunch and fooled around some more. James made an attempt to go up a big slab that was about two feet high and nearly lost a steering box. A steering skid would have made the re-attempt possible. Scott rig, which had 35's, a Detroit Locker in the rear and an EZ Locker in the front, walked right up. Anders tried a down line, but got high-centered and had to be strapped off.

Los Coyotes
Stock TJ taking Up Down Hill
Los Coyotes
James flexed out in the slot

After the flats, the goal is to get to "Tobogan," which is a steep, slick, mudslide on one side, with a granite wall on the other. To the west of it is a small slot canyon that has a steep "driveway" down. Once through the canyon, there is a steep hill with big ruts carved in soft, powdery dirt. Almost everyone had made it through, but the stock YJ was inhibited by its frozen-on sway bars. Despite Scott's best spotting, The YJ had to be strapped up the hill.

Los Coyotes
Scott stuck on all five tires
Lost Coyotes
No Scott, she ain't movin'

As time had taken it's toll and there was a long drive home, everyone decided to turn around and head back. On the way out, Scott decided to skip the driveway and take a nearly-vertical incline. About 1/4 of the way up, gravity pulled him back and he landed on his spare, with all five tires touching the ground in some way or another! Anders broke out a strap and up he came.

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