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FRIDAY, April 10

By Friday, we were ready to hit the trails again. After busting our axle on Wednesday, we spent Thursday around town and at the vendor showcases. Our scheduled run for Thursday was to be Hell's Revenge and Gold Bar Rim was assigned for Friday. Since we already did Gold Bar 3 times while fixing my axle on Golden Spike, we decided to do our own run Hell's Revenge.

Hell's Revenge is almost all slickrock and is rated 4+. Not all of it is difficult. It's mostly slow-going climbs up the fins. However, there are many great steps and obstacles that rate the 4+.

When we first entered the trail, we met up with about 15 or 20 other vehicles. Here are the guys in front of us. They have an Enterprise rental Cherokee!!! It was bone stock, with tiny street tires and no skid plates. These guys are hard-core! They said they were looking for Fins and Things and just followed the line. Didn't know where they were headed! Rock on, guys. Notice the ROCKCRAWLER sticker on the tailgate!

Here's me hitting the step. Check out my trophy busted axle on the spare tire.

Hell's Revenge is full of great things to climb that seem to pop out of nowhere.

Not a problem if you're geared an locked. But, you better have some good articulation, too.

Even stock, though, the guys made almost every thing they tried. True testimony to the Jeep badge.

We caught up with some great early Broncos. There were four in our group.

Tim Kyle hits the step.

Up he goes. Notice the Ford watching from the go-around.


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