Easter Jeep Safari 2000
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Story by George Jessup

Easter Jeep Safari 2000

Day 1- Murphy's Law

George & JakeI got home at midnight after judging a battle of the bands for the Siskiyou Blues Society. I can't sleep cause I'm ready to go to Easter Jeep Safari and welllllll I'm a kid at heart and it feels like the night before christmas.

3:00 am I wake up.
4:00 am I wake up.
5:00am I wake up.
10:00am oh crap MURPHY starts my day... Rush to work, I have got office material to finish before leaving and I have to download pics from the bands. Call on brochures that I am waiting for to take with me to EJS. I'm starting a side business of portable refrigerators (they're cool...haha) The brochures were next day aired so they should arrive by 10:30am.

I'm now setting up lesson plans for my substitute teachers, last minute business reports, oh man......... my paper work is taking way to long, MURPHY...... Next day air? 10:30am Nah? . Not in this little town. UPS ends up not showing up until 3:30. MURPHY! I hit the road in drizzle at 4:30pm. I am not happy it's raining and drizzling and now I am not looking forward to the next planned 8 hours of driving after starting this late. I drive till almost midnight.

My co-driver, Jake, does have a licensee but.... he can't drive very well. So I stop sleep with my dog (Jake) in the back of my TJ. The back of the tub carries my spare, tools, CO2 tank, airgun, etc.. On top of that is a cushion that forms my dog house on wheels. Sooooooooo not only am I late, I'm in the dog house!

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