Easter Jeep Safari 2000
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Story by George Jessup

Easter Jeep Safari 2000

Day 9 - Last Day of Fun

OK, I made it to Friday without breaking anything major, except my bank account, or rolling my rig. So I have today to unwind. I had planned to keep today's options open all along, in case I needed a day to fix things before trekking home.

I spent some time talking to vendors about my new portable refrigerators and asking engineering questions of Rusty of Rusty's Off-Road in Alabama. I also asked similar questions to the reps from Warn, Beach's Offroad, etc.

I gGot some pretty cool pics of some of the odd-ball things. Some are pretty cool like the fold-down step from On-Products! and the BUMMER and LANDRUNNER, etc.. I thought about the base Landrunner body for my TJ after I rolled it, but needless to say, I did not go there.

I saw a neat T-shirt form Lost Coast 4-wheelers. It said "Been there- Bent That!" Thought that was great.

I also watched some of the Ramp Contest hosted by 4 Wheel of Moab.A TJ owned by Mike Yancy ramped 1500! (98 TJ w/ Rubicon 4.5" springs & lower control arms, 1" coil spacers, custom upper control arms from 4 Wheel Moab, & Procomp shocks) It won top prize in the coil spring category and he won a really cool video & T-shirt. Also, a Currie Anti-Rock sway bar. Nothing special...it only makes the rest of us TJ owners drool.

In the leaf-only class a '75 Bronco owned by Nate Williams ramped 1577! (4" wrangler springs, Skyjacker springs, F&R 3-link suspension). He won some really cool stuff, too. If my memory is correct, he won a $500 gift certificate from Skyjacker.

I poked my head into the raffle to check out the awesome items they were raffling off. Man, there were great things. Apparently, for a vender to be at this event he had to pay space rent "plus" donate items for the raffle. One guy won a free set of 5 tires and wheels of his choice from Mickey Thompson. That's worth close to a grand right there.

Several winches were raffled off, including the new Ramsey and Warn. Many great raffle items like racks, tires, batteries, deflators, T-shirts etc., were also given away.

Of course, I won the best prize, which was the company of a bunch of new friends, as well as seeing old friends I did not even know were at the event!

This caps off a great trip! Setting off for home. Got up fairly early today with the intent of doing the 4WD parade they do each year, then doing an alignment, checking my fluids, packing, filling my rig and gas cans with the $1.54 gas they have here, doing my last report to the greatest 4WD website (Rockcrawler.com, of course) and then starting my trek home.

I d id all of the above, except the parade. Apparently, only those signed up for Sat. trails get to be in the parade. Awww man! I wanted everyone to see this real-world rig sporting the ROCKRAWLER.COM windshield sticker. Got to admit, though, there were so many sumthin' 4wd, etc. dot com stickers around here most folks may have missed it. Too bad, because it just makes it harder to find out the best site is the one you're looking at right now.

So, it's 12:30ish on my watch (CA time) thus, it's time to hit the road. I'll finish my driving home story either Sunday night upon my return or Monday. Thanks for following along!

PS. THANKS AGAIN RICH! And thanks, Mike for the opportunity to prove to the world, via the Internet, that I am just a little nuts. Also, if you feel like donating to a worthy cause (I'm serious here), I run a non-profit youth sport organization. See what we are all about at www.snowcrest.net/coachgeo

George and Jake - coachgeo@hotmail.com


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