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Story and Photos By, Dave Brill

Northeast 4WD Trailfest 5
Hosted by RegionD/Northeast of the East Coast Four Wheel Drive Association

Jim O'Brien stopped in his tracks by a bent tie-rod.

We reached the Rock and a Hard Place turn-around and only two drivers were up to the challenge. I had to pass because I had two more trails to lead that weekend. Bill Bailey disappeared into the ravine and decided to take the alternate route back to the top. His winch was acting up a bit and he didn't want to get stuck with no way out.

Jim O' Brien did the opposite and started up the ravine. First rock he hit pretzeled his tie-rod. A quick fix and he rolled out the alternate route. We all made our turn around and creeped back up Old Chester. This time, gravity had added her fist to the fight against the slippery rocks. Fortunately, today we didn't fight a losing battle and by 4 p.m. we were heading back to the hotel. Dave and I made sure that everyone was still with us. That's one of the responsibilities of a trail leader.

When ya coming home Bill Bailey? As soon as I get out of a Rock and a Hard Place!

We arrived back at the Best Western and quickly started making preparations for the Warn Winch BBQ and the second round of skill test/4x4 games. The sun had come out and things looked great for an outdoor dinner. Just as the grills were fired, many large black clouds filled the sky and proceeded to dump rain on our parade. Everything was moved inside. Our Friday night raffle included several Keeper straps, a locker and a Warn 8274 to finish up the night. Most of the staff found their way to the Saloon for a quick nightcap before heading off to bed and readying for Saturday morning. No party, just winding down. It was after midnight again.




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