Ram River
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North Ram River Adventure
The Gap Trail

After heading back to camp on Friday nite, we hung around with the folks there and had a few Kokanees (Canadian Bud, as far as I could tell). I shared a tent with Kevin, who I'd met in Moab along with Steve. The nite was cold and the people were loud! It took a while, but I finally got a bit of sleep.

When morning rolled around (seemed like an hour later) Steve and I made some breakfast. His wife had sent us well-stocked for the trip, so we were in good shape.

We decided that today's trip would be the Gap Trail. The trail starts out easily down the same trail as Kiska Fire Tower and breaks off down a grassy path. It's a long trek, taking almost all day. Of course, several hours were spent in a mud pit at the start of the mile of mud.

Mud Pit
Here's Bruce, who I also met in Moab, in his '48 Willys. This thing went anywhere he pointed it and never had a problem. A quick stuck or two was not a problem for him.
One thing about these boys is that most have winches and aren't afraid to use 'em!

Mud Pit
At one point we had three vehicles stuck. Kevin kept busting the vacuum system on his 4WD in his red YJ and couldn't get out, while Rod thought he had a busted axle in his Sahara. Rod had mud in his calipers and Kevin got fixed. All was well!

Onward to the Gap!