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Ram River
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North Ram River Adventure
Kiska Fire Tower Trail

Kiska Trail
The gang wanted to see what the Kiska Fire Tower was all about, so Steve and I led the way back up the forestry trails.

Kiska Trail
Though the trails were certainly not very difficult, they did have several very off-camber spots that were pretty tricky.

Kiska Trail
These trails are used for foresting and oil prospecting, so any capable 4x4 can make it up easily. The views and the ride, though, are worth the trip.

Kiska Trail
In this spot, it got very off-camber. Steve and I slid into this broken tree and scraped the side of the TJ pretty good. Then, Mike followed and almost sardine canned his, too. See highlighted area.

Kiska Trail
As we approached the fire tower the temperature began dropping fast as a storm headed our way.

Kiska Trail
The view from the Kiska Fire Tower. Below is a green lake and an amazing view.

Kiska Trail
The view from inside the tower.

Kiska Trail
Steve proudly stands on the tower's remains.

Gratuitous panorama shot from the Fire Tower

Kiska TowerOk, just to prove that I was there, here's me sitting on the Kiska Tower steps. It was so cold that my eyes were watering and glazing over as I tried to shoot photos. I could barely keep focused. Thanks again for the coat, Steve!

After we finished admiring the view we headed back to camp to pack up and head back to Edmonton. The trip was wonderful and so was everyone in the group. It was truly and trip I'll never forget. Thanks guys!