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Ram River
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North Ram River Adventure
Canadian Rockies (Alberta)
June 12-15, 1998

MontanaSo, I get back from the shop one day during the first week of June and have a message waiting for me on my computer. Mike...I have a proposition for you. Well, of course, I'm curious. I write back to my friend, Steve and he tells me that he and several friends of his are planning a trip to the North Ram River and they want me and my cameras there. Ok, well, they wanted my cameras there, anyway. So, I make the plans for the trip and decide that from the 12th to the 15th of June I would become a 4-wheeling jet-setter and fly up to Alberta, Canada for the weekend.

The plans are made and early Friday morning I hop on the red eye from Austin to Houston. From Houston, I flew up to Calgary, Alberta. For those of you who don't know about Calgary, it's darned near identical to Houston, but nicer. It's a cow town, so the hockey arena looks like a saddle, the airport workers wear cowboy hats, and they have oil rigs right on the runways! Well, from there, I took a puddle jumper flight up to Edmonton to meet up with Steve.

NordeggOnce in Edmonton, we wasted no time. We packed up Steve's TJ and headed right for the mountains. The ride was several hours. We passed back through Calgary, then headed west to Nordegg. Nordegg is the last town you pass through as you head into the Ram River area of the Rockies. There's nothing there but a general store and a motel and last chance gas! We picked up fuel and final supplies and headed toward the campsite, which was about a half an hour down a dusty old forest road. On the way, Steve and I argued whether the GPS would be set to kilometers or feet and whether the altitude should be set to meters or feet. We compromised. I gave him his kilometers but kept the altitude in feet.

Friday Night: Kiska Fire Tower Trail
Saturday: Gap Trail
Sunday: More from the Kiska Trail