Rosser Roundup
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Photos by TXJEEPER, Jenifer Farrington, Todd Rosser, Mary Rosser

Rosser Roundup '99
K Trail

ROSSER ROUNDUPOn Saturday, we had to pick a trail to run and after conferring with the gang, we chose the K-Trail. The rating for the trail is a 4 and several spots require a good amount of lift and locking differentials. Other parts were actually passable in a stock 2WD vehicle, however, those spots are in between the 4-rated spots.

Our group had over 30 vehicles, which, certainly, is way more than we prefer to run with. The gang included huge, full-size trucks, tons of Jeeps, and our trail-leader's Willys. The trailhead was about a 10 minute ride from the Smoke House. Immediately, I was glad the weather was sunny and clear, as the top and doors were off the Jeep. The trail is incredibly tight from overgrown vegetation. Tree branches protrude into the trail the whole way. This is not a trail for the pretty show-rigs, for sure.

Rosser Roundup
Due to a mis-spotting, this TJ hits it's tie-rod...

Rosser Roundup
...and then whacks it again taking a different line.

Rosser Roundup
Stringbean had a blast in his nearly stock Bronco.

Rosser Roundup
Keep your eyes open for branches and whole trees!

Rosser Roundup
Tons of mud covered many parts of the trail.

Rosser Roundup
Pat takes the bypass, screaming "If I wanted mud, I would've stayed home in Alabama!"

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