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Story and Photos By, Dan Starc


Mud Lake had…MUD. We were caught by some rain and stormy skies, but it quickly passed. The rain turned some of the damper areas into mud, which made it more difficult for us to grab the rocks with our tires.

A view of our traditional campground area, slightly east of main camp…we love it! This is where Dave and Martina whipped out their 1750 Watt inverter to power a blender and Martina's hairdryer!!! The blender was filled with fresh fruits and spirits…what a nightcap treat!!! The fire burned 'til late, and after we were done laughing we went to sleep. We spent a day in camp to lick our wounds, relax and get ready for the last push: Cadillac Hill.


Immediately leaving camp, a Korean woman with the international dealer Jeep group rolled her TJ over and crushed her ankle. The maneuver was downright rookie-like, but we felt bad for her…this was the second rollover we had that weekend. The first was even sillier, but we have no pictures…

Fearing an international incident, the Chrysler honchos called the Korean Embassy and the Bell 500 chopper to get her out.


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