Lucas Oil Off Road Series (LOORS)


It was only a matter of time before short course racing headed back down south again to give the ultimate fans the opportunity to see these powerful trucks race on a new course. Full stands and action packed racing is what everyone got round rounds 11&12 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, but the weekend didn’t go as planned for the driver of the #25 Budweiser Pro 2, Patrick Clark.

A full day of practice on Friday gave the drivers plenty of opportunities to change the set up on their trucks to make them faster on the nearly mile long track. The new course also consisted of sand, a silt section, 90mph front stretch and a bonus of ocean views.

unnamed 2

After making the needed changes and going out for practice on Saturday morning, Clark was in the middle of the pack. Once qualifying was in the books Clark found himself more toward the back of the class.

The crew went back to the drawing board to prepare for round 11 that would take place just a few hours away. The stands started to fill quick as fans made their way from the pits and took their seats ready to watch history in the making.

Opening ceremonies had everyone on their feet as the Mexican National Anthem echoed through Estero Beach. The gentlemen started their engines and the anticipation of the start was roaring through the stands. Clark took to the green flag and immediately got caught up with traffic in turn 1 which would see Clark spin out and go to the back of the pack.

unnamed 3

A full course caution after lap 1 give Clark the opportunity to catch up and give himself and good chance at passing those competitors back. Clark and Jones would go door-to-door for a few laps at the back and finally Clark was able to put jones in his roost and get up to the next Pro-2.

Clark picked clean lines through the rest of the 10-lap race and managed to accelerate his #25 Budweiser Pro-2 all the way up to 6th place for round 11.

Round 12 picked up right where round 11 left off. Clark lined up in 7th place and with an invert in the front of the pack, this put Menzies and MacCachren right at his front bumper for the start of the race. All 13 trucks put out over thousands of horsepower at the start line and the amount of dust created was enough to feel like on was racing the Baja 1000.

unnamed 4

Clark kept his head down and his speed up to stay with those that were setting the pace of the race. Carnage was happening all around Clark and after making his way all the way up to 4th place he found himself going off the course in turn 4. With only 10 laps of racing this wouldn’t give Clark the opportunity to make those positions back up and he crossed the finish line right where he started, in 7th place.

Next the team will make their way to Reno, NV to race on another long track that is known for its massive elevation changes and fast front stretch.




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