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Reinforcement kit from JKS Manufacturing stabilizes steering box shaft and strengthens chassis on 2007+ Wrangler JKs

Alliance, NE – July 2011: Large diameter tires and hydraulic-assist steering can play havoc on Wrangler JK models if the front track bar and steering box are not reinforced. The factory track bar mount on the chassis is particularly vulnerable to extreme forces. Crank on the steering wheel too hard and you risk tearing the OE mount completely off of the frame.

Unfortunately, the output shaft on the steering box is even more troublesome. The internal support bearings are poorly positioned and notorious for wearing out very quickly. Some indicators include a noticeable “clunk” noise and excessive play in the steering wheel. And since the OE steering box is not serviceable, the only option is to replace the entire assembly. Read More→

JKS Hydraulic BumpShocks for Wrangler JK

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Bottoming out the suspension on your Jeep can leave you with a very unsettling feeling, and for good reason. The hard jarring sensation that resonates throughout the vehicle does more than cause discomfort and anxiety for you and your passengers. It also forces your chassis and suspension components to absorb tremendous stress loads that can be highly destructive to your Jeep, and can just as easily send an unsuspecting driver off the intended path.

To diffuse the impact energy before it causes damage or discomfort, JKS Manufacturing offers Hydraulic BumpShocks. Originally developed for off-road racing applications, this professional grade secondary shock absorber increases damping resistance as the suspension reaches maximum compression. In other words, Hydraulic BumpShocks cushion heavy impacts that would otherwise transmit directly to the vehicle and occupants.  Read More→

JKS Manufacturing introduces a smart solution to keep your steering stabilizer out of harm’s way

Alliance, NE – January 2011: The last place you want to lose maneuverability is on the trail, where diagnosing and repairing the problem is often impossible. Nevertheless, this unfortunate occurrence affects Wrangler JK owners more often than you might expect. The problem involves the factory mounting location of the steering stabilizer, which is immediately forward and well below the centerline of the front axle. This leaves the steering stabilizer defenseless against impact damage, and therefore is a disaster waiting to happen.

The Jeep specialists at JKS Manufacturing have identified this hazard and developed a solution that optimizes steering stabilizer performance while keeping it out of harm’s way. The Steering Stabilizer Relocation Bracket is a heavy-duty, high-clearance bracket that positions the stabilizer in a much safer location where limited ground clearance and contact with obstacles are no longer a concern for the driver. Read More→

Selectable design allows Jeep owners to control suspension balance and roll stiffness in a way that was never before possible

Alliance, NE – April 2010: The SwitchBlade Swaybar from JKS Manufacturing is the industry’s first variable rate anti-sway bar for Jeep vehicles. This high performance replacement for the factory anti-sway bar can be adjusted by the user to improve vehicle performance both on- and off-road. Unlike single- or dual-rate anti-sway bars that offer limited or no tuning capability, the SwitchBlade Swaybar allows the user to match the level of swaybar resistance to virtually any vehicle, terrain or driving style. With five unique settings from which to choose, the vehicle owner gains control of roll stiffness in a way that was never before possible. Read More→