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JKS Hydraulic BumpShocks for Wrangler JK

Bottoming out the suspension on your Jeep can leave you with a very unsettling feeling, and for good reason. The hard jarring sensation that resonates throughout the vehicle does more than cause discomfort and anxiety for you and your passengers. It also forces your chassis and suspension components to absorb tremendous stress loads that can be highly destructive to your Jeep, and can just as easily send an unsuspecting driver off the intended path.

To diffuse the impact energy before it causes damage or discomfort, JKS Manufacturing offers Hydraulic BumpShocks. Originally developed for off-road racing applications, this professional grade secondary shock absorber increases damping resistance as the suspension reaches maximum compression. In other words, Hydraulic BumpShocks cushion heavy impacts that would otherwise transmit directly to the vehicle and occupants.  Hydraulic BumpShocks feature a 2″ diameter SSID alloy steel body. A hard chromed and mirror polished rod provides 2” of stroke. Internally, the large aluminum racing piston provides self-adjusting, velocity-sensitive valving that automatically compensates for changes in terrain. Our Hydraulic BumpShocks are pre-charged with the ideal amount of Nitrogen to suit most Jeep applications, although gas pressure can be manually adjusted to suit individual vehicles.

Designed to replace the factory rubber bump stops, Hydraulic BumpShocks are permanently welded to the chassis for an ultra-secure connection. Whereas our competitors provide a smooth exterior surface, Hydraulic BumpShocks exclusively feature an externally threaded body for positive no-slip mounting. The threaded body also allows the position of each BumpShock to be infinitely adjusted within the supplied mounting adapters. Once adjusted, a large locking ring secures the BumpShock in position and eliminates the possibility of unintentional adjustments from occurring.

To learn how JKS Hydraulic BumpShocks solve this problem, please view the complete product information.

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