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RENO, NV    JULY 5, 2011   The Torchmate team members of JT Taylor, Brad Lovell and Roger Lovell took on the highly anticipated 89thPikes Peak International Hill Climb Sunday June 26th after a full week of practice.  All competing in the Pikes Peak Open Class, Brad Lovell took 2nd in his Nissan AMSOil Truck, JT Taylor finished 4th in the Torchmate TTB Car, guest driver Sam Berri finished 6th in the Tube Shark/Torchmate car, and Roger Lovell had an unfortunate accident that he walked away from in his AMSOil Torchmate Ultra4 car.  Read More→


Survival of the Mountain is not only about the vehicle.  It’s not only about the perfect set of tires, the correct jetting, and the right set up.

Survival of the Mountain is not only about the driver.  It’s not only about the fastest driver, the most experienced, and the drivers ambition.

Survival of the Mountain is respecting the Mountain for its grace, beauty and difficulty at every turn.  Respecting Mother Nature changing the weather at any point during the day, and even within the 10+ minute run up into the sky.  Enjoying the scenery and the commodore that is built within the groups of racers.  Survival of the Mountain is knowing how to “Gas it until you see God, and then hit the brakes,” said a racer on KRDO Radio. Read More→

Sam Berri and Roger Lovell to Compete in First Pikes Peak Alongside Brad Lovell

RENO, NV    JUNE 16, 2011   JT Taylor has recently broken two track records in the Torchmate / Tube Shark Buggy, and will look to put another aggressive time in the books at the world renowned Pikes Peak Race June 26, 2011.  JT Taylor will be driving the new Torchmate TTB car which allowed Sam Berri to compete in his first ever hill climb in the Torchmate / TubeShark Buggy.  The Torchmate team will also include Brad Lovell and Roger Lovell, each entering a AMSOIL / Torchmate rig. Read More→

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO     JUNE 30, 2010    JT Taylor is the first ever Rock Racer allowed to compete in the world renowned Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.  JT Taylor competed in the Exhibition class and took first place with a time of 14 minutes 7 seconds, and a top speed of 86mph.  “I am so excited to be a part of this race, and then to have the fastest time in the class is awesome.  If I could send in my entry fee for next year today, I would!” smiled JT Taylor. Read More→

EV bests previous “Race to the Clouds” mark by over a minute

FULLERTON, CA (July 1, 2010) – An electric vehicle driving on Yokohama tires and powered by a new AC Propulsion motor broke the record for electric vehicles in the 2010 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado Springs, Colorado over the weekend. Read More→