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JT Taylor Places First and Creates History at Pike Peak Challenge with Rock Racer

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO     JUNE 30, 2010    JT Taylor is the first ever Rock Racer allowed to compete in the world renowned Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.  JT Taylor competed in the Exhibition class and took first place with a time of 14 minutes 7 seconds, and a top speed of 86mph.  “I am so excited to be a part of this race, and then to have the fastest time in the class is awesome.  If I could send in my entry fee for next year today, I would!” smiled JT Taylor.

Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb commenced on June 27, 2010 in Colorado Springs, CO after a week long practice and a fan appreciation day.  The race itself is 12.42 miles long with 156 turns as it goes from 9,390 feet to the summit at 14,110 ft.  “We got to practice the top section yesterday, the bottom section today and the middle section tomorrow,” said JT Taylor midweek.  “Matt Magliacano, my co-pilot, and I are getting the communication down on the turns, and we found that cutting the corners takes out tires.  We had to replace one of our Goodyear Tires, so we won’t be doing that during the race!”

Friday was host to the Fan Fest day where 30 thousand people came through to see the fastest qualifiers, racers and industry products.  JT Taylor took his Tube Shark/Torchmate Rock Racer and put it on display with a Tube Shark Tube Bender and a Torchmate 2×2 Table.  “We had lines of people wanting to ask us questions about all three, the positive response to us being there was overwhelming,” said JT Taylor.

When Sunday came it was time to race.  “After running the course in sections, I think the best part was finally getting to run the whole course together at one time without stopping,” JT Taylor remembers.  One of the biggest challenges drivers face is the altitude, as the air thins, it robs the vehicle of 30% of its power and also slows the reflexes of the driver, so just finishing this race is an accomplishment in itself.  There were broken vehicles all over the mountain, and JT Taylor just missed hitting the vehicle ahead of him who had spun out.

The biggest challenge was the transitions from asphalt to dirt. “It was hard because on the asphalt you’re sticking and then as soon as you hit the dirt you are sliding,” commented JT Taylor.  “This race was an absolute blast.  The only thing that I can equate it to is crossing the finish line in Baja, it isn’t nearly as long, but it has its own set of obstacles.”

JT Taylor would like to specifically thank the organizers of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb for allowing the Tube Shark/Torchmate Rock Racer to compete and accomplish another life-long goal.

Full Interview with JT Taylor and In-Car Camera from Start to Finish

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Practice Run on the Lower Section of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb

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Practice Run on the Middle Section of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb at Sunrise

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Practice Run on the Middle Section of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb 3rd Run High Speed

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Photo Credit: Michael Hill Photo

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb:

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