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Derek West, JT Taylor, Cottin Rodd, Nick Nelson and Others


FOUNTAIN VALLEY JANUARY 18, 2012 – Radflo Suspension will be soaking up the toughest terrain in America when put to the ultimate challenge at the 2012 Griffin King of the Hammers. There will be multiple Ultra4 cars in the event that will be racing on Radflo Suspension including Cottin Rodd,Nick Nelson, JT Taylor and Derek West among many others. “We will be on the lakebed supporting all the teams using Radflo Products and will be assisting with race car set up the week before the race,” explained Glenn Classen, President of Radflo Suspension Technology. Read More→

Perfect Lightweight Jack Fits Anywhere

FOUNTAIN VALLEY    DECEMBER  7, 2011  –  Specifically designed for the off-road enthusiast, the Hydra-Jac allows you to change a tire on most vehicles with aftermarket suspension lifts.  The lightweight 13 pound racing jack collapses to 37” allowing you to stow the Hydra-Jac in locations where other high lift jacks would never fit.  “We have put a lot of technology in the building of this Jac,” said Glenn Classen, President of Radflo Suspension Technology.  “We saw how inconvenient it was to use the other jacks and how impractical it was to use a bottle jack, so we came up with this solution that has worked well in all the different applications that we have tried.” Read More→

Torchmate Teammates JT Taylor Wins and Jesse Haines Finishes 5th 

RENO, NV    SEPTEMBER 13, 2011  JT Taylor, Team Manager for Torchmate Racing, took the win at the Ultra4 Torchmate Stampede in Reno, NV on Saturday September 10th. The 130 mile Northern Nevada race boasted as the hardest Ultra4 race yet by promoter Dave Cole, even tougher than the King of the Hammers, makes the win even stronger. “This is a huge deal for Torchmate and this win is a long time coming for me.  We knew we couldn’t let off and had to run a fast and consistent pace because there were 45 quality racers chasing me down… so, this is a big frickin deal,” said JT Taylor at the awards ceremony Saturday night as the crowd of racers cheered. Read More→

It Pays To Race on Radflo Shocks at KOH

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Radflo Suspension Technology Provides King of the Hammers Drivers with Compelling Reasons to Rely on Radflo Shocks at 2011 Event

Fountain Valley, CA – January 2011: Radflo Suspension Technology has announced it will return to King of the Hammers for 2011 with a new racer support program and some very compelling reasons for drivers to race on Radflo shocks. Recognized by off-road enthusiasts as the most difficult one-day race on the planet, KOH attracts drivers from around the world to Johnson Valley OHV area in Southern California where they will compete in the most punishing terrain imaginable. Read More→

Radflo Shocks Dominate Rocks

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Vehicles Equipped With Radflo Suspension Sweep 2010 Ultra4 Championships

Fountain Valley, CA – November 2010: The suspension damping specialists at Radflo Suspension Technology have good reason to celebrate as the 2010 Ultra4 Series comes to an end. This was the first year that Radflo officially tossed their hat into the rock racing ring. The company has already earned worldwide recognition among off-road racing teams by producing one of the most successful lines of professional shock absorbers for motorsport applications. But this year’s accomplishments may just be the most persuasive demonstration of Radflo’s capabilities yet. Read More→

Complete Damping Customization for Professional Off-Road Racing Applications

Fountain Valley, CA – May 2010: For the highest level of performance in the most demanding off-road conditions, Radflo Suspension Technology offers a 3.0” bypass shock absorber. By seamlessly integrating velocity- and position-sensitive valving, Radflo is able to achieve dual shock performance from this single hi-tech damper. As a result, the bypass shock can provide softer damping during initial travel for comfort and smoothness. Without any changes, the same shock can provide much firmer damping during the last few inches of travel to resist bottoming out from harsh impacts. Read More→

Radflo Shocks: Fit for a King

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Radflo Suspension Finishes 1-3-5 at 2010 King of the Hammers

Fountain Valley, CA – April 2010: Nothing tests man and machine quite like King of the Hammers. Considered by many to be the toughest one-day off-road race on the planet, KOH is absolutely brutal on equipment. Teams from around the world travel to California’s infamous Johnson Valley to compete in this multi-discipline, 135 mile off-road endurance. For a chance at the crown, drivers must come prepared to push their vehicle well beyond its limits over the most punishing terrain imaginable. Read More→