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Radflo Shocks: Fit for a King

Radflo Suspension Finishes 1-3-5 at 2010 King of the Hammers

Fountain Valley, CA – April 2010: Nothing tests man and machine quite like King of the Hammers. Considered by many to be the toughest one-day off-road race on the planet, KOH is absolutely brutal on equipment. Teams from around the world travel to California’s infamous Johnson Valley to compete in this multi-discipline, 135 mile off-road endurance. For a chance at the crown, drivers must come prepared to push their vehicle well beyond its limits over the most punishing terrain imaginable.

It was precisely this challenge that attracted Radflo Suspension Technology to the event. Company owner Glenn Classen recognized KOH as a prime opportunity to demonstrate Radflo’s strengths as a manufacturer of professional racing dampers. After attending the 2009 event, Classen decided he would return in 2010 to put a set of Radflo shocks on the podium. After all, no other event in the world could send such a convincing message to rock crawlers than a top-three finish at King of the Hammers.

Classen arrived this year to find no fewer than 12 teams out of 100 running Radflo dampers. Armed with decades of experience tuning shocks for championship winning vehicles around the world, Glenn and his technicians worked closely with several teams prior to the race. Tuning a suspension for the demands of slow-speed rock crawling and high-speed desert racing in the same event is a complex science to say the least. But that didn’t intimidate Glenn, who was more than willing to apply his tuning signature to any vehicle running Radflo shocks.

When the competition ended and the dust began to settle on the massive KOH crowd, the owner of Radflo was able to establish whether his efforts paid off. Not only did Classen achieve his goal of getting Radflo shocks on the podium, he was elated to learn that three of the top five vehicles were equipped with Radflo shocks, including the overall race winner and this year’s King, Loren Healy.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled by the results of this year’s KOH!”, proclaimed Glenn after the race. “I was confident with our shocks and knew they were up for the challenge. But to watch Loren take the checkered flag, followed closely by Derek and Erik, was absolutely sensational!”

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