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Trail-Gear Rock Assault 9™ Pinion Guard

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

pinion-guardProtect your U-Joint from unnecessary damage. Our Rock Assault 9™ Pinion Guards are CNC Laser Cut and formed from 3/8” thick A36 Steel. This upgrade is available for standard and flipped housing configurations. These are designed to fit factory Ford 9” housings, and aftermarket replacements. Part is shipped raw and lightly oiled for rust prevention. Read More→

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fully-built-rear-axle-housing-altFresno, CA- Trail-Gear, Inc. added to their vast product line with the addition of five new kits Friday, November 16th. Trail-Gear is now offering fully assembled front and rear axles, in addition to expanding their Power Pack line to include applications for 1988-1995 Toyota Hilux and 4Runner models and Creeper Lock™ line to include applications for hub-centric vehicles.

The Trail-Gear Fully Built Front and Rear Rock Assault™ Axles are made entirely of brand new and upgraded components not refurbished junkyard parts. Both axles feature Trail-Gear’s renowned Rock Assault™ Axle Housings. Rock Assault™ Housings provide unparalleled strength due to the 5/16” thick, DOM axle tubes that engage further into the center section and the 360° gusset welded around the tubes on the inside of the housing. The positions of the axle tubes and center section design have been specially engineered to allow for additional ground clearance. Read More→

Fresno, CA- Trail-Gear, Inc., widely known for the affordability of their products, has just added steel beadlock wheels to their Creeper Lock™ line today (Friday, September 14). “Beadlocks are expensive. We wanted to offer wheelers an affordable option for outfitting their vehicles,” explained Bob Herold, Trail-Gear Vice-President of Product Development and Sales. “These beadlocked wheels are a great value. They are an excellent entry-level off-road wheel that won’t empty the customer’s bank account.” Read More→

Trail-GearFresno, CA-In response to customer requests, Trail-Gear has expanded its Rock Assault™ line with the addition of a Power Steering Pump with Tacoma Serpentine Pulley kit, released today (Friday, June 15, 2012).

This new steering kit combines Trail-Gear’s 1,450 PSI or 1,650 PSI power steering pumps with a Tacoma Serpentine Pulley. The TC style power steering pumps feature all steel housings to handle extreme heat and put out 4 GPM or 4.5 GPM of flow and 1,450 PSI or 1,650 PSI of pressure, respectively. Each pump is bench tested to ensure quality. The 1,450 PSI pump is designed for use in a hydraulic ram assist application and the 1,650 PSI pump will run all full hydraulic applications popularly used in rock crawling today. The 1,650 PSI pump has a #6 JIC male fitting on the pressure port and a #10 JIC fitting on the suction side. Read More→

rock assaultFresno, CA-Trail-Gear, Inc. is expanding their Rock Assault™ 9 line with the option of 3.5 inch tubes for the Rock Assault™ Axle Housings today (Friday, June 8, 2012). “The increased tube diameter offers hard-core wheelers a little more strength and resistance to bending when taking on those extreme obstacles,” said Matt Messer, Trail-Gear CEO. “The Rock Assault™ 9’s strength and durability has been proven in competition and on the trails. The 3.5-inch tubing just takes it to the next level.” Read More→


Fresno, CA-Trail-Gear, Inc. has recently developed and released multiple new products designed for Toyota Tacomas made during the years of 1995-2004. “We see the future of Toyota off- road trending toward Tacomas and we want to offer our customers a complete product line,” said Aaron Young, Trail-Gear Engineer. These new products expand Trail-Gear’s existing Trail Creeper™ and Rock Assault™ lines. Read More→

Rock Assault™ 9″ Seal Housing Kit

Friday, June 17th, 2011
Trail-Gear’s 9″ Seal Housing Kit is machined from billet aluminum, has three o-rings on the outersurface of the seal housing, and has a double seal on the inside. The three outer o-rings keepthe outer portion of the seal housing sealed up so that no fluid can leak or flow between theaxle tube and the seal housing itself. The seal housing is tapered on the inside so that the axleshaft is lined up with the seal housing as it is installed to prevent damage to the seals or sealhousing. The seal housing itself is secured in place with a set screw so that it cannot move or bepushed out of place when the axle shafts are installed. The inside of the seal housing has twoseals installed to ensure that even while rock crawling on your side or racing at high speeds, nofluid leaks through or bypasses our seals. This will keep your fluid in your differential where itbelongs, and not on your breaks and tires where it can create a dangerous situation. Read More→

Rock Assault™ Trail Nine Axle Housings

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

After years of competition testing and engineering, we are confident that The Rock Assault™Trail Nine Axle Housing is the strongest 9″ axle housing on the market. This housing has beentested in W.E. Rock, CalRocs, and King of the Hammers, so we know it will stand up to thetoughest terrain on earth. We are so sure that this is the best axle housing in the industry, weare backing it up with our world famous no questions asked warranty.

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True Tacoma Width Front Axle Housing

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

This exclusive axle design is the first in the industry to be released with all new parts. Our knuckle balls are forged from 1035 steel, making them much stronger than stock, eliminating closed or bent knuckle balls.

The axle tubes have been offset above the housing centerline, so the inner axles ride near the bottom of the axle tubes rather than in the center. The result is an increase of 3/8″ in ground clearance under the axle tubes. The axle tubes are made from 5/16″ thick 1020 DOM tubing with an outer diameter of 3″. Read More→

Rock Assault™ Recovery Straps

Monday, July 19th, 2010

We all know that recovery is just a natural part of four wheeling and rock crawling, and we also know how it feels to not have the right recovery equipment when you need it. That is why Trail-Gear has looked long and hard to find just the right recovery straps for rock crawling and extreme four wheeling.

Our Rock Assault™ Recovery Straps are made from 100% high-tenacity, polyester double ply webbing that is UV and abrasion resistant. The eyelets or loops are reinforced with an abrasion resistant material for maximum strength and durability.  The load or tow rating on the 2” wide straps is 18,000lbs, and the 3” wide straps have a tow or load rating of 35,000lbs.

Our Rock Assault™ Left-Hand Drop Front Axle Housing works great for 95 1/2 – 04 Tacomas with left-hand drop t-cases.

Note: Does not come with short side shaft.

Available Options:

  • Rock Assault™ Front Axle Housing, Left-Hand Drop, Bare, 140284-1-K, $649
  • Rock Assault™ Front Axle Housing, Left-Hand Drop, w/Spring Perches, 140285-1-K, $649
  • Rock Assault™ Front Axle Housing, Left-Hand Drop, Bare, E-Locker, 140290-1-K, $649
  • Rock Assault™ Front Axle Housing, Left-Hand Drop, w/Spring Perches, E-Locker, 140291-1-K, $649

Rock Assault™ Front Axle Housing

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010


Trail-Gear is proud to introduce the newest addition to the Rock Assault™ Axle Housing family, our Rock Assault™ Front Axle Housing.  This exclusive axle design is the first in the industry to be released with all new parts. That’s right, our axle housing is not made with 30-year-old used knuckle balls. Our knuckle balls are forged from 1035 steel, making them much stronger then stock, eliminating closed or bent knuckle balls. Read More→