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Rock Assault™ 9″ Seal Housing Kit

Trail-Gear’s 9″ Seal Housing Kit is machined from billet aluminum, has three o-rings on the outersurface of the seal housing, and has a double seal on the inside. The three outer o-rings keepthe outer portion of the seal housing sealed up so that no fluid can leak or flow between theaxle tube and the seal housing itself. The seal housing is tapered on the inside so that the axleshaft is lined up with the seal housing as it is installed to prevent damage to the seals or sealhousing. The seal housing itself is secured in place with a set screw so that it cannot move or bepushed out of place when the axle shafts are installed. The inside of the seal housing has twoseals installed to ensure that even while rock crawling on your side or racing at high speeds, nofluid leaks through or bypasses our seals. This will keep your fluid in your differential where itbelongs, and not on your breaks and tires where it can create a dangerous situation.
The seals themselves are manufactured from a specially blended, high performance syntheticrubber that is so flexible that they can effectively seal any axle deflection, axle misalignment, oraxle run out issues that may occur. The seal housing is shipped completely assembled with bothseals installed, and replacement seals are also available, making the seal housing completelyrebuildable. Our 9″ seal housing will accommodate a 27 spline to a 35 spline axle shaft.
Seal housings are sold separately and two are needed to complete one axle housing. Sealhousings are available for 3″ and 3 1/2″ tubing with either 1/4″ or 3/8″ wall thickness, and fitmost of the popular aftermarket 9″ axle housings being offered.

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