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September 19, 2011–Reno, NV: Team GenRight’s Kevin Sacalas proved fast during Friday’s qualifying rounds at the 2011 Ultra4 Torchmate Stampede. Even with an engine misfire, Sacalas was able to claim the 4th fastest qualifying time of the day putting him in the front of the pack for the main race. Only current King Shannon Campbell, former King Jason Scherer and eventual Stampede winner, JT Taylor had faster times than Kevin Sacalas in his vehicle affectionately referred to as “Big Ugly.”

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July 25, 2011 – Tooele, UT:  Question: What do you get when you cross a dirt short course track with a formidable man-made rock crawling course?  Answer: The Ultra4 American RockSports Challenge.

Hammerking Productions, Inc. the organizers behind King of The Hammers and The Ultra4 Stampede put their own twist on short course racing last weekend at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, UT with a brand new race called The American RockSports Challenge which fans are describing as “the best new race since King of The Hammers.” Read More→

Ever wonder what it would be like to ride in a King of the Hammers buggy? Two lucky winners will have a chance to find out on February 9th!  Tony Pellegrino of GenRight Offroad and Kevin Sacalas of Big Ugly Racing have partnered for the 2011 Ultra4 season as Team GenRight and are hosting a Team GenRight Meet and Greet in HammerTown from 2-4PM on Wednesday, February 9th at their tent on GenRight St. directly across from the vendor area in Hammertown. Read More→

Can you believe we’re only a month away from King of the Hammers 2011?  As previously announced, Kevin Sacalas of Big Ugly Racing and Tony Pellegrino of GenRight Offroad have combined forces for the 2011 Ultra4 season as Team GenRight. The two racers recently spent some time out in Johnson Valley preparing for KOH and created a video to answer questions for new King of the Hammers fans about the race, Johnson Valley and Ultra4 Racing. Please check out this video and feel free to share with others!