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Exhaust Welding Purge Plug Kits -at Trick-Tools

New at Trick-Tools is the Exhaust Welding Purge Plug Kits by Street or Strip Concept. Designed specifically for header and turbo manifold manufacturers, these Purge Plugs will fit 1-1/4 through 1-3/4 OD tubing as well as 1-1/4 and 1-1/2 Schedule…

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Ron Covell Rounding Over Dies – Press Release from Trick-Tools

After making an appearance at the 2014 SEMA and PRI Shows, Ron Covell’s Round-Over Dies are quickly taking over the metal fab scene and are popular among custom car enthusiasts, hot rod shops, race shops, and other metal fabrication guru’s….

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Icengineworks Header Fabrication System

New at Trick-Tools is the complete exhaust header fabrication system from Icengineworks. This system streamlines the header building process and will take you from concept to completion of custom headers and turbo manifolds. The system includes modeling blocks, tube cutting…

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Exhaust Welding Clamp Set from Icengineworks

Custom Header Design just got easier with the Exhaust Tack Welding Clamp Set from Icengineworks. Now, the fabricator can preview, adjust, and clock the pieces before they are tack-welded together, saving both time and material. Micro adjustments can be made…

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Upgrade your Bench Grinder with Trick Tools

The Multitool Bench Grinder Attachment fits most popular brands of grinders and removes material up to 5 times faster than the equivalent grinding wheel. This versatile attachment can be mounted horizontally, vertically, or in any position in-between and provides 4…

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MetalAce 30F English Wheel from Trick-Tools

New to Trick-Tools is the 30F Classic Series English Wheel from MetalAce. This brand new design features a smaller 30 inch throat compared to its 44F companion, but offers enough muscle to form up to 12 ga. mild steel and…

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Trick-Tools JMR TN1000 Tubing Notcher

Trick-Tools JMR TN1000 Tubing Notcher – New Design

The TN1000 tubing notcher from JMR incorporates the same high quality features that JMR is known for and now has a new design! The TN1000 features a 2 ½” O.D. capacity, a positive zero point for a perfectly centered notch,…

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Trick Tools TB-1000

Trick-Tools JMR TB-1000 Tubing Bender

New for 2014 is the TB-1000 bender from JMR Manufacturing. This high quality machine is priced for the hobbyist and produces professional results. A 2-1/2 inch bending capacity and 180 degree capability makes this an amazing value. This unit features…

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JMR Fabrication Table

JMR Fabrication Table

Trick-Tools would like to announce their newest addition to their extensive line-up of welding tables, the Fabrication Table from JMR. This table features a 36 x 48 inch slotted steel top surface that accepts threaded T-nuts, just like a drill…

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Trick Tools new RaceLine Series from JMR

Trick-Tools new JMR RaceLine Series

Trick-Tools is proud to announce the release of its newest product line, the RaceLine Series from JMR. The RaceLine Series features a tube bender, bender dies, and tube notcher (all sold separately). This product series is designed for the fabricator…

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