Mittler Bros. Power Hammer Kit -at Trick-Tools

by / 0 Comments / 53 View / May 4, 2016

New to Trick-Tools is the Mittler Bros Power Hammer Kit. This recent addition to their ever growing metal shaping tool line-up resembles the 60lb Yoder M2 Power Hammer and is available in a fabrication kit that includes the power hammer components, giving you the freedom to build your own custom power hammer frame. This power hammer can also be purchased as a complete unit with no fabrication required.

The Mittler Bros Power Hammer Kit can perform shrinking, stretching and shaping in sheet metal with a variety of optional die sets and utilizes a leather strap & leaf spring to support the upper die assembly. This set up provides a cushioned blow, similar to a mallet and shot bag, only at a rate of 900 blows per minute.  For more information about the Mittler Bros. Power Hammer Kit, give us a call at 877-826-7268 or visit our website, www.trick-tools.com.

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